c1I have a prayer that every single one of you will realize by reading this book that there is an emptiness inside of you that only Jesus Christ can fill. You will realize what the Bible says is true. You will accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and will become a born again Christian, who will one day develop your own testimony and share the Salvation you received through Faith to others by your words and actions.

I have a prayer that you will work hard in school and regardless of the grades you receive you will be able to hold you head up high and say to yourself and others that you gave it your best shot.

I have a prayer that you will obey your parents and through your new born faith you will set a Christian example at home for your brothers, sisters, Mom and Dad that will inspire them to attend Church.

I have a prayer that you will go on to college, graduate and meet a nice young born again Christian. That you will marry and have a wonderful family together rooted in Biblical foundations.

I pray all these things for you even if we haven’t met. I love you and I wish these things for you because I have lived part of my life separated from God. I got caught up in this world and found it to be a very lonely place. I found that the friends I made and the things I did had no real value because joy and true happiness can only be found through Jesus Christ.