c9  If you have any family member that abuses alcohol or drugs there is a very good chance if you drink or try drugs you will become addicted. Your family member has a genetic, bio-chemical condition caused by Tetrahydraisoquinoline . These molecules attach to the body of the brain’s neurons.  THIQ, for short, is many many times more potent than morphine.  These molecules are passed down from one generation to another.  When you drink you trigger this powerful opiate like substance to start attaching itself to various  receptors in your brain.  This interferes with normal cell to cell communication and the craving for drugs and alcohol is born.

Alcohol and drug use can effect the way we think days, weeks and even months after we stop using them. Not only does it separate us from reality, it also makes it difficult for us to communicate with our Lord. Most kids that start to “drink and drug” stop praying, going to church and stop having fellowship with their friends. They are not happy anymore and tend to keep to themselves when they are at home. Loss of appetite and being irritable toward family members are other signs of drug and alcohol use.  If you have a problem or would like to talk to us in private please feel free to call anytime.  I will be glad to share my own personal experiences with you and be willing to help in anyway that I can.   We are here for you if you need us.