c21Another way we can  make a change in direction and stop doing things we know are wrong is to put together  our testimony.   “And they overcame Satan because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the words of their testimony.”  Revelation 12:11 NKJV.  When we accept Christ as our Savior two things happen instantly. One, the sacrificial blood of Jesus Christ washes us clean of our sins. He washes our past sins away, our present sins and our future sins. Two, the Holy Spirit indwells inside of us. Through Bible study and prayer He slowly changes us into a son or daughter of God.

After a brief period of time we start to notice changes in our thoughts and our behavior. These changes we use in our testimony.  People close to us notice we have changed. Maybe some one may even say, “ You seem different “ and will want to know “ What’s up” ? This is where we use our testimony to share Christ with them. It is a difficult thing to develop and that is why I suggest  writing it down. This helps to put a train of thoughts together so when the time comes you will be ready.  There are some great testimonies in the Bible. You can read the testimony of John the Baptist in John 3:25-36. There are countless ways you can get involved in a local church. Getting baptized is also a testimony. You are showing others in church that you have accepted Christ as your Savior.