cc4There is a tremendous lack of leadership in this world today. We see in in every field—government, politics, science, education, military and entertainment. None of these groups of our society have any solutions. They are failures in the realm of leadership. Most leaders today were believers at one time, this country was based on Christian values but they abandoned their faith for fame and fortune.  They sold us out for their own financial gain. There is no one to lead us out of this moral dilemma which has us all tangled up. I think that this is the worst time in the history of the Church. The world is ripe for the taking.

It is important for a good leader  to know; What is your foundation? What is at the core, the cornerstone that  everything else builds on? The answer is your faith in Jesus Christ and the love you have for others. Christian character is our mark engraved into something enduring. We can mold behavior, but we must chisel our character into true Christian leadership by the life of Christ through the Gospels.  His example should be foremost in our heart.

Leadership without the love of God is nothing. Even if you were one of the greatest speakers in heaven and on earth, without love you would be nothing but a sounding bell, a tinkling cymbal. If you had all the leadership abilities of a prophet,  understood all the mysteries of the earth, obtained all knowledge and had faith enough to move mountains, and did not have the love of God , you would be nothing.  If you sacrificed yourself to the point of death and gave away all your possessions to the poor, without love it would profit you nothing. Wanting to lead and setting  the example starts with the love your have for others.    If you are a new Christian your first obligation is to yourself.

When Christ was baptized the Holy Spirit lead Him into the wilderness for doctrinization. Paul and Moses spent several years in the wilderness prior to God calling them into service. Get all the Biblical and secular education you can so you will be ready when He calls.

What will we base our success on?  We can not all be apostles or preachers. We need a process to succeed.

  • Decision making-Evaluate the importance of your  options. Chose between ideas by projecting likely outcomes. Weigh the pros and cons and look at the decision from all points of view.
  • Time management-Schedule your time. Put your plans on a piece of paper and use your notes as a guide.  Don’t put things off. Deal with the problem at hand now. If you are not working to progress your top priorities, you are standing still.
  • Problem solving- Identify the possible causes of the problem. Seek the advise of others that you trust.
  • Stress Management -Take everything in moderation. There can even be too much of a good thing. Exercise daily. Go to bed and get up in the morning on a regular schedule. Reward yourself.

The greatest asset we have is prayer. Your Heavenly Father is here waiting and wanting to have a relationship with you. I try to settle all my questions and problems with Him because I want to live in His will. The  place where we need leadership the most in this world today is in our own Family.