One hundred years ago you would have lived your entire life ten miles from where you were born. You would have met your future wife or husband when you were a child and grown up with each other experiencing the same family values and traditions.

In this complicated dark world we live finding common ground can be perplexing. We look for any small detail in which to relate. We are eight billion strong and there is more lonely people on this planet than ever before. We attend school for twelve plus years and do not have a single class on the art of relating to others.

Most of us are so self-absorbed we base our relationship decisions on satisfying our own self-interest. When those needs are not being meet we change relationships not our selves. It appears to be that marriage is a temporary solution to accommodate the need of the day. Focusing on what we can get out of the experience rather than what we can give.

We are brain washed from the day we are old enough to watch television that success is based on our athletic ability, our sexual conquests and our financial portfolio. The better we are at competing and conquering others the more our appeal is to the opposite sex and the more money we are worth.  From the time we are little kids competing and defeating one another is what gets recognition. All that matters is that we win  regardless off4 the consequences to others, the environment and ourselves. This is why in the end we will destroy this earth and the people in it; Simply because of selfish greed. All around us are the supporters of this erotic cult that falsely claim all this emphasis on sex is a sign of a new broad-minded era. It could not be further from the truth. It is nothing new. This talk has been the destruction of every civilization since the beginning of time. One of the biggest problems of this world is people mistake sex for love and money for brains.

What really matters is the relationships we have with others. This starts with our relationship with God. Then comes our parents, children and our brothers and sisters that live on this planet with us. Developing strong relations should be our number one goal. Your mission should be the welfare of those around you. Always put others first regardless of their social status and financial worth. Let God care for you and your success will be measured in Heaven where your reward will be with you for eternity.

Our relationship with God is not how it appears. Our Heavenly Father is begging us to give ourselves over to Him that we may receive our full blessing. His compassionate love should convince us to live, act and conduct ourselves as a living sacrifice so that we don’t conform to this world. We can renew our mind by surrendering our body, soul and spirit to God. Be what God wants you to be and stop trying to be somebody else. It is our spiritual birthright to have an abundant life.