13563589_600599830120047_2056160031_nI would like to introduce you to Pastor Ernesto M. Matta. He has a church located 125 miles north of Manila, Philippines. He started the church in 2014 as a pioneering work by the grace of God. He has had many children accept Christ as their Savior. He prayed for Bibles and by the will of God we managed to send him Bibles, soccer balls, and jump ropes.  Many of these kids are hungry when they come to church so we started a program to feed them on a weekly basis.  We send money to Ernie via Western Union. He has to travel 2 hours to pick it up. He has a three wheel motorcycle that is in very bad shape , so we are trying to raise money to get him a new one.

The three wheeler is in pretty bad shape.

We would like you to help us raise funds for Pastor Ernie by clicking on the donation page. To make sure the money goes to your intended purpose type Pastor Ernie or Grace Baptist in the second address line. We would like to thank you in advance for your support.

September Update – We were fortunate enough to raise 1,200.00 to buy Pastor Ernie a motor cycle. It has been over a year since his old cycle broke down. He is now re – establishing His small group Bible studies throughout the back country. He is having his sidecar restored and will soon have it re -attached. We continue to send him 150.00 a month to feed the kids for their Saturday Bible study at his home church. He had 8 new kids join the church and was baptized.



The first pictures Pastor Ernie sent us the kids where not smiling. I asked him why and He said,”They are hungry.”
So we started a program to feed the kids. It only costs 35.00 a week to feed all these kids for their Sabbath school.